Friday, 28 September 2012

Exciting - Space News!

So excited - I worked on some space flashcards for a company called Glottogan in Australia a while ago and I have spotted a first glimpse of them online - there is only a small picture but I am hoping to receive a sample soon so I can see the whole thing properly.

I know it is hard to see but it is the second box down!  Here is a sneaky peek of what lies within - this was so much fun to work on - I am really looking forward to seeing a sample!


  1. Hi Liza
    As soon as we have full production I will send you one...i only have one sample at the moment it is making me crazy! I do however have more pics that I will post this week...they look fantastic and we were so happy to have you do the illustrations...they proved very popular at our first trade show 2 weeks ago!!! Thanks again, more soon Karen

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks so much - love all the other products you have launched too - they look really great! Will be keeping an eye out for the photos - always great to see the final artwork!